We care for healthy and safe world

We are operating in the dynamically growing market for electromobility in Poland and EU countries.

We strive to ensure that ELECTROMOBILITY was synonymous for each fully attainable modernity.

Modernity, in which we can work better and more convenient than the world we know so far. Would not it be better to live in an environment where vehicles moving on the roads does not make tiresome noises, do not emit harmful substances into the atmosphere and at the same time retain their full properties for which they were created?

Nowadays, few are aware of the fact that vehicles driven by electric motors, in many ways (including performance) outweigh vehicles powered by conventional internal combustion engines.

The biggest challenge that the “electricians” are currently facing is not the engine itself, but adequate energy stores, which will provide them with the power for operation and infrastructure, allowing for their trouble-free recharging.

And these are the aims we are after.

Along with the leader on the Polish market “Electreecity” , we design and produce intelligent energy storage systems and lithium-ion batteries for many industries: lithium-ion batteries as energy storage, batteries for scooters and larger electric vehicles, electric forklift, etc.

Electric scooters
We also sell and rent electric scooters equipped with batteries of our production for companies and individual clients.

We offer a comprehensive sales and EV (Electric Vehicle) infrastructure support that are; the electric vehicles charging, charging stations and battery replacement and industrial energy storage systems (over 100 kWh) and network storage systems (above 1 MWh).