Up to 120 km
45 km/h or 75 km/h
Motor power
4 kW
Charging time
2-3 hours
Replaceable lithium-ion battery advanced system

VX-2 is a scooter designed to meet all of our expectations

Scooter VX-2 is a vehicle designed for all users. Maximum speed 45 km/h (30 mph), moped version or 75 km/h (50 mph), as a motorcycle. All to ride around the city with ease for errands and visiting friends.

Short charging time, just three hours provides a quick “back to game.” Convenient removable battery and charger.

Range up to 60 km or 90 km (depending on battery type) on a single charge.

Multifunctional shifter

Each scooter comes, as standard, with a revolutionary multi-functional twist grip, which by reversing the polarity of the engine, controls the energy recovery to the batteries during braking of the vehicle.It also includes a slow reverse gear, allowing for easy manoeuvring in tight spaces.

All in one handle with intuitive operation: acceleration, as in a standard scooter, turning the handle in the opposite direction starts braking to a full stop or reverse run if the scooter is not moving.

The Battery

VX-2 is powered by an easy-to-use, removable lithium-ion batteries. The system allows the use 1 or 2 independent battery modules allowing for greater flexibility to meet the driver’s needs.

Park where you wish and take the battery home or to the office to charge it.

For B2B customers mobile battery makes it possible to use the vehicle around the clock using a few quick-change batteries.

Each VX-2 comes with a 48 V battery with a capacity of 2 kWh or 3 kWh with an excellent range to 90 km (55 miles).

Our own battery management system (BMS) monitors the voltage and temperature of each cell independently, ensuring accurate estimation of the range and total protection of the vehicle battery while riding and charging.

The batteries used in the VX-2 scooter withstand about 2 thousand complete cycles of charge and discharge.

Feel the freedom thanks to the VX-2

Scooter VX-2 powered by lithium-ion batteries has an excellent range and is easy to use. Ideal for cities, university campuses, business parks, campgrounds – wherever parking is a challenge. It is also ideal as a commercial vehicle. Also available in a moped version – 45 km/h, which is exempted from obligation to have a driving license. With the VX-2 you can now move quietly and efficiently, ignoring petrol stations and riding it

with a smile on your face.

Comfortable Design

Every scooter can be equipped according to individual customer needs (levers casing, smartphone grip, additional luggage container, customisable colours).

*Custom colours on request